Community Voices

CEO, Commercial Bank
Frontier Housing has certainly provided affordable housing for a segment of the community that would not otherwise be able to afford a new home. In Morgan County, there is a particular need for moderately priced single-family homes that Frontier Housing is working to fill. Rather than being competition, Frontier has formed a wonderful alliance with Commercial Bank and with a team effort we are better able to serve low-income families with their housing needs. We appreciate Frontier being in our county and in our market.

City of Morehead
It would take me a while to count the ways that Frontier Housing has been an asset to our community. Frontier has been important not only to the City of Morehead and to Rowan County, but really to the entire region. They have provided quality affordable housing to people who would never have been able to afford it otherwise. They have partnered with the City of Morehead on affordable housing projects on several occasions, and have been a wonderful partner. When you provide somebody with a safe, decent, sanitary home, youíre affecting the community in several ways. First you are more than likely getting rid of dilapidated, run-down housing that wasnít worth very much and replacing it with a better home that will bring more money in on the tax rolls. But itís more than that. I have seen it happen time after time. When you provide someone with better housing, the heads of household ó the parents ó the breadwinners ó think better of themselves. They commit to their homes and their communities. They take better care of their property and keep it looking better. They become more involved in their community. Theyíre able to get better jobs with better wages, which allows them to spend more money in the community, which again increases taxes coming in to the community. Itís a wonderful, wonderful cycle.

Executive Director, Economic Development Council
Working in economic development, I understand the importance of providing a good quality of life for people who live in our area and who will be the employees that are needed for companies and businesses who locate here. One of the most fundamental aspects of good quality of life is access to quality, affordable housing. Frontier Housing has been at the forefront of providing good, clean, quality affordable housing in our area for years. Many people are in better housing because of Frontier. Happier employees mean more productive workers, which mean happier employers. Availability of needed housing definitely has an impact on the community as a whole. We appreciate Frontierís efforts to support families in our community.

CPA Vice President, Finance/CFO,
St. Claire Regional Medical Center

One of the most compelling factors for me in making the decision to serve on Frontierís Board of Directors was that their mission was compatible with the work we do at St. Claire Regional Medical Center. Frontier is a longstanding organization that provides housing for those in need who perhaps couldnít otherwise afford it, much the same as St. Claire Regional has a long history of providing health care for those in need who may not otherwise be able to afford it. In fact, the two issues go hand-inhand. Poor housing conditions can dramatically affect health. Families who can not afford safe, decent housing can need higher levels of health care. St. Claire Regional fully supports Frontierís mission. Also, I feel that by serving on Frontierís Board of Directors I am giving back to the community where I grew up and that I now call home.

Branch Manager, US Bank
I have been associated with Frontier Housing for 17 years in my capacity with local banks in the area, and have always thought that it was a great organization. There are many opportunities for non-traditional mortgage financing on the secondary market these days, but people have to be making a certain income to qualify for these opportunities. By using several different pots of funding available to them as a non-profit, Frontier makes homeownership a possibility for low- and moderate- income families that conventional banks and lending institutions cannot touch. They also provide Homebuyer Education to help prepare potential homebuyers to become mortgage ready and to understand the responsibilities of homeownership. They really fill a void in the community with the homeownership services they offer. In addition to the mortgages they make available, the homes they build are very nice. At one time, affordable housing groups built what we in the banking industry called the FHA house ó a very basic, small, square box house that you could almost pick out when you saw one. Frontier is really offering so much more with spacious, attractive houses. Frontier houses are much more than just a roof overhead, they are truly homes!

Superintendent, Elliott County School System
I have been very impressed by Frontier Housing, not only because they build nice houses, but also because of how energy-efficient their homes are. This really makes the houses more affordable to low-income buyers. Funds that went out the chimney or through the cracks of an older home can now be used for other purposes ó to put food on the table, or buy clothes for the kids. Children canít get a good education if they arenít properly housed, fed, and clothed. Frontier has definitely made progress in this area, and they have also provided housing for our employees. One of our bus drivers lives in a home built by Frontier, and he is always bragging in the winter about how low his utility bills are. Frontier has had a very positive impact in our community not only by adding fine housing, but also by offering employment opportunities. We are lucky to have them in the area!

* Photos by Ann W. Olson