Governor Steve Beshear Announces Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Funding of $500,000 for housing.

On May 6th, Governor Steve Beshear made a welcomed stop at the Morehead State University Enterprise Center in West Liberty to raise awareness for affordable housing in Appalachia. His administration will fund $500,000 of Appalachian Regional Commission funding from the Governorís Office of Local Development to Kentucky Housing Corporation. These funds support affordable housing in Appalachia developed through the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE) (click here* for more information about FAHE) and Kentucky member organizations: Frontier Housing; People Self-Help Housing; Hazard Perry County Development Alliance; Kentucky Mountain Housing; LINKS, Community Housing; Beattyville Housing Development Corporation; COAP; and HOMES.

Mark Offerman, Kentucky Housing Chief Operation Officer, spoke about the tireless efforts of these groups to provide affordable housing in the region. The Governor recognized that the region has unique needs and challenges in providing affordable housing. Jim King, President and CEO of FAHE welcomed the good news of funding and looks forward to working on solutions for families in the region.

The Governor also recognized the hard work and dedication of Frontierís Board and staff. He said we should be proud of what we have accomplished and it has raised his awareness of affordable housing. Several of Frontierís families were present, including Mark and Melina Carpenter who are moving into their new home this week. Melina Carpenter, a student at Morehead State University was thrilled to attend the event and to know that her individual story was shared with the Governor. We felt honored that he came to our town to share this news. Dave Lollis, Vice-Chairman of Frontierís Board said, ďThis is historic. This is the first time the Governor has come to Appalachia to announce ARC funding for housing.Ē

For a slide show that was presented at the ceremony, please click here*.

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