The Frontier Board of Directors met May 1st at Boodry Place to approve the new 5-year strategic work plans to double-impact by 2013 and strengthen ties to our local communities.
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Published 2022-5-12
Governor Steve Beshear Announces Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Funding of $500,000 for housing.
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Frontier Housing and the Appalachian Regional Commission story in pictures click here.
Published 2022-5-6
"April is Fair Housing month!"
Frontier Housing announced today the kick-off of several activities celebrating April as Fair Housing month.
Hear the public service announcements.
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Published 2022-4-28
"Along The Frontier" newsletter.
April is Fair Housing Month.
Boodry Place is nearing completion.
Frontier Housing received a $600,000 award of home ownership funds.
Tom Carew wins e-achievement award.
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Published 2022-4-28
"Along The Frontier" newsletter.
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Published 2022-3-24
"Along The Frontier" newsletter.
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Published 2022-3-3
Sign up for Boodry Place living.
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Published 2022-2-27
Frontier Housing, Inc. is receiving $148,820 in flexible first round grant funds from NeighborWorks® America.
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Published 2022-2-13
"Along The Frontier" newsletter.
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Published 2022-1-25
Grant to benefit homebuyers in 9 counties
Frontier Housing takes part in the program.
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Published 2021-12-12
Subprime Mortgages Across the U.S. Where they're concentrated.
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Published 2021-11-06
Frontier awarded $100,000 from USDA for counseling funds to help families get into homeownership.
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Published 2021-09-27
Congressman Geoff Davis highlights Frontier Housing in his interview at Morehead State University.
Morehead State Public Radio’s Chuck Mraz interviewed Congressman Geoff Davis on his daily show the “Front Page” (September 10, 2021 9:05 AM) The Congressman mentions Frontier Housing and the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE) during the interview.  Davis calls Frontier Housing a “great” organization that works closely with individuals for Home Ownership. He goes on to mention that he was in the sixth grade when he and his mother became homeowners and that it was a “life changing experience”.
Hear the housing segment:
download (MP3).
Hear the full interview: download (very large file)(MP3).
The Congressman’s remarks about housing occur at about the 20-minute mark of the interview.
Published 2021-09-10
Construction is progressing well at Boodry Place. While the outside of the structure has not changed much over the past month plumbing, electric, HVAC, and insulation are being completed in the interior.
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Published 2021-08-27
Frontier has been reclassified as an Exemplary Organization with NeighborWorks America.  Frontier Board member, Greg Rice, along with several Frontier Staff members, Ronnica Mabry, Sherry Farley, Stacey Epperson and Tom Carew attended the NeighborWorks America Training Institute in Washington DC this past week. Frontier Housing has been reclassified as an Exemplary Organization. This new classification will enable Frontier to access additional resources.
Published 2021-08-24
Frontier Housing participates in local school system’s Redi-fests. 
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Published 2021-08-23
Boodry Place – We are changing the sky line downtown. According to the construction supervisor, we are ahead of schedule.
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Published 2021-06-26
Frontier. True to Our Name, we keep exploring, pushing forward and breaking out from tradition.
Effective June 1 2007, Stacey Epperson, Executive Director made a handover of the day-to-day management of Frontier to Tom Carew, Chief Operating Officer.
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Published 2021-06-14
Boodry Place is rolling! Walls are going up! The crane is on site! The first floor is framed, and yesterday late, the crews were starting the second floor.
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Published 2021-06-08
Frontier’s work in manufactured housing is featured in latest edition of Bright Ideas, NeighborWorks® America Magazine.
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Published 2021-06-06
Frontier Housing is highlighted on the I'M HOME Web Site
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Published 2021-06-05
Housing Assistance Council and Ford Foundation Visit Frontier May 24th & 25th
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Published 2021-05-31
Don Rigsby shares his talents for Frontier Housing's cause
listen (mp3 audio)
listen to more audio
more about Don Rigsby
Published 2021-05-28
Frontier Housing Celebrates NeighborWorks® Week 2007
National NeighborWorks® Week is a celebration of the accomplishments of the NeighborWorks® network working in more than 4,414 urban, suburban and rural communities across the nation.
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Published 2021-05-28
Frontier Housing Adopts National Homebuyer Education Standards
The National Advisory Council has released national standards for consumer homeownership education and counseling.
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Published 2022-05-17
Tom Carew, of Frontier Housing, testified before the U.S. Congress on May 8th concerning the proposed cuts in funding for Rural Housing Programs serving America.
For a copy of the testimony, click here*.
For more information on the hearing, click here.
Published 2022-05-14
Frontier Housing participates in Earth Day
This spring, Frontier Housing is using its 2007 Earth Day Change A Light $350 mini-grant to educate consumers about the environmental and cost benefits of energy-efficient lighting. The grant was awarded by the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy (GOEP) to 37 qualifying organizations state-wide.

If every household in Rowan County and the nation replaced just one incandescent light bulb with an ENERGY STAR compact fluorescent bulb (CFL), we would save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.
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Published 2022-05-03

Fair housing is not an option. It’s the law.
April is Fair Housing Month and Frontier Housing has been very active in promoting it this year with various activities throughout our service area including a Public Service Announcement produced by the 6th grade class at the Rowan County Middle School.
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Published 2022-04-26
The City of Morehead, Community Housing Partners and Frontier Housing Break Ground on Boodry Place, honoring the service of former board member Glenn Boodry.
Glen Boodry, a civil engineer always stood by his motto, “Build it to Last”.
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Published 2022-04-23
Frontier Hosts University of Dayton and Haverford College Volunteers during Spring Break 2007
This year, we started with a foundation and by the time the last group of volunteers left the Page family had a home complete with vinyl siding.
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Published 2022-04-18
"Partnerships working together for new homes"
Kentucky Bank Employees are life-long friends to Frontier Housing. Billy Hough, Trish Porter, Gabe Brown and Sherry Mathis exemplified what that friendship means as they rolled up their sleeves out on Jones Ridge to get work done on our Federal Home Loan Bank sponsored home. Molly and BJ Litteral received the keys to their new home on March 29, 2007. As a part of the process, the Litterals attended a “Yes You Can!” Homebuyer Education class. Molly feels the class is very helpful, especially for first-time buyers.
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Published 2022-04-16
"Want to avoid losing your home?"
Article by By ALLEN BLAIR, The Independent
“The best advice I can give anybody is don’t give up on your home, because there are people out there who can help you,” he said.
Stacey Epperson, Frontier’s executive director, couldn’t agree more.
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Published 2022-04-10
Groundbreaking at Boodry Place on April 20th at 2:00 P.M.
Downtown Morehead (US 60 and 32)
Boodry Place is a multigenerational center for elderly and children with disabilities. The $4 million investment into downtown Morehead is sponsored by the Housing Equity Fund of Kentucky, Kentucky Housing Corporation, GOLD, City of Morehead and others.
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Published 2022-04-09
Dave Lollis, Frontier Vice-Chairman, and Tom Carew of Frontier Housing visit with Congressman Geoff Davis
Tom Carew asked Congressman Geoff Davis for his support of the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act, which passed out of Financial Services Committee.
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Published 2022-04-06
Stacey Epperson Gives Speech at the Manufactured Housing Symposium in Atlanta, GA in February 2007.
Speech (PDF format)
Speech (Word format)
Published 2022-03-06
The Lyons Family Moves Into The Community at Edgewood
Many wanted a fresh start in a place where they could work, learn and play; a place where a family feels safe in their home. Jennifer Lyons and her family came for all of these reasons. Jennifer called the number in the radio ad and was soon working with a Home Loan Specialist from Frontier Housing.
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Published 2022-02-20
Spring Break with Frontier
Frontier Housing will team up with volunteers from Haverford College and the University of Dayton participating in alternative spring break programs offered by both universities.
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Published 2022-02-19
Hope for Home Owners in Crisis
NeighborWorks® and Frontier Housing have joined the Homeownership Preservation Foundation in helping consumers battle foreclosures. 
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Published 2022-01-30
Frontier places second for float in parade, first for best tree design, and tree donation nets $400 for Rowan County Christmas
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Published 2021-12-08
Morehead Manufactured Housing Initiative Awarded $121,000 Grant
Frontier Housing to Develop Affordable Housing in Rural Kentucky.
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Published 2021-12-05
Frontier Housing Awarded NeighborWorks® Membership.
Northeastern Kentucky Will Receive National Affordable Housing Boost.
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Published 2021-10-11
We Say Thanks To Our Local Industries!
Open House at Edgewood:
Frontier, with help from the Morehead/Rowan Co. Economic Development Council, will honor local industry workers and show off our model homes Saturday, October 14 from 11am -2pm.
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Published 2021-10-05
Frontier helps organize local "Don’t Borrow Trouble" Campaign.  Cody Prater, Frontier’s Director of Sales, will serve as local leader for the campaign to eradicate predatory lending in Kentucky.
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Published 2021-09-22
Epperson and Carew to Participate in Manufactured Housing Forum: The staff at Frontier Housing is eager to continuously increase their knowledge of manufactured housing and will be participating in the Fannie Mae Foundation's Manufactured Housing Forum in Nashville, TN, October 3 & 4.
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Published 2021-09-11
Frontier Board Chairman Frank Olson attends NeighborWorks® America Rural Chautauqua in Polson, Montana: Frank Olson and Tom Carew have just returned from attending the 2006 Neighborworks® America Rural Chautauqua in Polson, Montana on the Salish Kootenai Reservation.
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Published 2021-09-8
Frontier Partners in Real Estate Education: Frontier was proud to host, in conjunction with the Kentucky Housing Corporation and Pioneer Trace Board of Realtors, continuing education classes for the local real estate community.
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Published 2021-07-20
Kentucky Housing announces $360,000 Affordable Housing Trust Fund and $3,328,000 tax credits for Boodry Place…
A Multigenerational Community

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Published 2021-07-20
Kentucky Housing announces new mortgage loans as low as 1% for 30 years.
Kentucky Housing has announced a commitment of $3 million to nonprofits for new mortgage loans as low as 1% for 30 years. Frontier is a Kentucky Housing approved lender and can help you qualify for this low-interest loan.
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Published 2021-07-18
The Results are in….
We Exceeded Our Performance Goals!
Nearly two years ago, Stacey Epperson began the Achieving Excellence in Community Development Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and sponsored by NeighborWorks® America. As a part of the program, she committed Frontier to performance change.
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Published 2021-07-15
Frontier receives $50,000 Grant for The Community At Edgewood - Downpayment Assistance for New Buyers!
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Published 2021-07-12
The Grand Opening of The Community at Edgewood a Success
On Friday, local funders, community members, friends and family, as well as Frontier staff gathered to celebrate the grand opening of this much anticipated community.
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Published 2006-07-05>
The Community at Edgewood Grand Opening:
June 30, 2006, 12:00 Noon
COME SEE OUR HOMES…While you have been dreaming of a new home, we have been building the home of your dreams!
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Published 2021-06-27
Celebrating National Homeownership Month
PSHH and Frontier Housing sponsored a mini-build to raise public awareness of the benefits of homeownership.       
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Published: 2006-06-22 
Frontier Housing and the Woda Group announced today the grand opening of the new Sawgrass Greene Apartments, 54 units of affordable rental housing in Grayson, KY.        
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Published: 2006-06-09 
Local Families to Help Build Their Own Homes
Frontier Housing Receives Loan to Aid Sweat – Equity Construction
Ten families of Bath, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Morgan, Menifee, Magoffin, Rowan, and Wolfe Counties will help construct their own homes in the coming months thanks to a $151,500 seed–money loan to Frontier Housing, Inc., which was announced recently by the Housing Assistance Council.       
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Published: 2006-06-06 
Frontier Housing Receives Grant Funds for Manufactured Housing
Frontier Housing announced today it has been awarded a $135,000 grant to expand its manufactured housing initiative. The Morehead based organization will use the grant to help develop affordable housing in Kentucky.      
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Published: 2006-01-08 
Frontier Housing Joins EPA's Voluntary ENERGY STAR Program
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Published: 2005-10-23 
"Achieving Excellence" Performance Challenge
We have pledged that we will provide a housing solution for credit ready customers within 120 days.
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Published: 2005-09-09 
Now Building at Buttermilk Branch!
Interested in an affordable new home in a country setting, with easy access to elementary schools, a volunteer fire department, city limits, and the interstate?
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Published: 2021-08-04

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