The Gibsons

Photo by Ann W. Olson

Corbett and Regina Gibson have three children and up until just a few months ago, all five of them shared a 1972 model 14x17 foot trailer. Corbett describes the trailer as “rundown” and says that before they moved into their new home, the entire family shared one bedroom. He says he often slept on the couch in the living room, and he jokingly says that he used to get the “Beverly Hillbillies” theme song stuck in his head.

But the Gibson’s living situation wasn’t a joke and it certainly wasn’t funny. Regina’s sister heard about Frontier Housing first and after she got a new home, she told her sister and brother-in-law all about her experience. Just a few months later, the Gibson’s moved into their brand new home.

The family chose one of the Clayton manufactured homes, helping to speed up the housing process and by May they were out of their old trailer and into their new. Corbett says his children – one boy and two girls – are “tickled to death!” about their new living conditions. They each have their own rooms and the bathroom is practically as big as the old bedroom they all used to share.

Corbett’s favorite thing about the house is the size of it – the home is so spacious and unlike anything he’s ever owned. “I’ve never had anything like this before in my life,” he says. “It makes our dreams come true.” He mentions that the house is so clean, and very easy to keep clean – quite different from their old ’72 trailer.

Corbett works out of Lexington for a construction company and Regina works for a chiropractor in West Liberty. They’ve lived in Morgan County nearly all their lives, yet neither of them have ever lived in a home as nice as their new one. The Gibson’s needed to find a company that would help them find a new home while working around their budget needs and Corbett says “Frontier makes it so easy to own your own home.” When asked if he likes his new home he says, “Oh yeah! I’m loving it!”

Any parent knows that it feels great to be able to give your children the best, and maybe that’s why the Gibson’s are so happy – for the first time their lives they live in a beautiful, new home that belongs just to them, and they can give their children so much more.