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"Want to avoid losing your home?"
Article by By ALLEN BLAIR
The Independent
“The best advice I can give anybody is don’t give up on your home, because there are people out there who can help you,” he said. Read more

NeighborWorks® America Welcomes President Bush’s Call for Homeowner Help.
Washington, DC – Frontier Housing, a part of the national NeighborWorks® network and NeighborWorks® America today welcomed the call by President Bush to create a Foreclosure Avoidance Initiative. Read more*
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According to Douglas K. Smith, Nonprofits haven’t forgotten the wisdom of old-fashioned banking. The sub-prime fallout has many asking how this happened.
For more, read Better Deeds, by Douglas K. Smith posted on Slate Magazine

Fair housing is not an option. It’s the law.
April is Fair Housing Month and Frontier Housing has been very active in promoting it this year with various activities throughout our service area including a Public Service Announcement produced by the 6th grade class at the Rowan County Middle School.
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