Frontier Families

Read about some of the members of our Family.

The Lyons Family

Many wanted a fresh start in a place where they could work, learn and play; a place where a family feels safe in their home. Jennifer Lyons and her family came for all of these reasons. Jennifer called the number in the radio ad and was soon working with a Home Loan Specialist from Frontier Housing....(Read More...)

The Gilliams

As a single mother, Carolyn points out, life can be a little bit harder for her than it is for others, and people often didn’t give her a chance. If it weren’t for Frontier Housing, Carolyn says, she would never be where she is now. “I would recommend it to anybody. If it wasn’t for Frontier, I would never have been in this house,” she says. “This is ten years of hard work finally paying off. It's finally paid off.”...(Read More...)

The Cox Family

It’s been just over ten years since Phillip, Mary, and their three sons moved into their new Frontier Housing home.  The sturdy house is no longer new, but the Cox family is still reaping the benefits of building a new home for their young family 11 years ago and will be for many years to come...(Read More...)

The Tackett Family

This quiet little home in northern Rowan County looks ordinary from the outside. With the minivan in the driveway and a clean and well-tended lawn it could be anybody’s home, but to its owners it’s a very special place. It’s a first home, a home for their family, a last home, and most importantly, a home of their own...(Read More...)


Rob Sammons

Rob had always rented and although he says that he “viewed it as throwing away money,” he wasn’t eligible for a traditional bank loan. Thankfully, US Bank referred him to Frontier Housing, and to Rob’s surprise he was eligible for a loan through Frontier... (Read More...)

The Gibsons

Corbett and Regina Gibson have three children and up until just a few months ago, all five of them shared a 1972 model 14x17 foot trailer. Corbett describes the trailer as “rundown” and says that before they moved into their new home, the entire family shared one bedroom. He says he often slept on the couch in the living room, and he jokingly says that he used to get the “Beverly Hillbillies” theme song stuck in his head......(Read More...)

Lee and Lucille Allen

Lee and Lucille Allen grew up in Breathitt County, but they had always loved Wolfe County…as Lee says, “There ain’t no place like Wolfe County” and so when he found work there as a policeman, they moved and raised their five children in Campton. Lee performed on the side as a bluegrass musician and has played and recorded with Ralph Stanley and other famous bluegrass artists. But even with the success of their careers and family, the Allen’s were in their sixties by the time they finally purchased their own home.....(Read More...)

Just Ask Wilma

In 1953, Wilma Mabry moved to Rowan County from West Virginia, and she’s been here ever since. For the last 30-40 years she’s lived in the same house on Big Woods Road, near the Fleming County line. It was in this house that she raised her four children and she is still able to live there today, thanks to the help of Frontier Housing’s rehab program....(Read More...)

The Callahans

Kyle Callahan and his wife, Amanda, both grew up in Morehead, Kentucky. When they left the area so Kyle could take a position as a police officer at the Cincinnati airport, they expected to one day return to their hometown. What they didn’t expect was to be living in the same neighborhood where Kyle had grown up, around the block from his parents....(Read More...)