Frontier Housing Joins EPA's Voluntary ENERGY STAR Program

Frontier Housing recently joined a nationwide effort to help the environment through participation in the ENERGY STAR program. This voluntary partnership sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps homebuyers, businesses, and other organizations save money and reduce air pollution by upgrading their homes to use energy more efficiently. Frontier Housing has joined EPA and more than 2,400 builders, manufacturers, and retailers throughout the United States to help reduce pollution by building more efficient products.

Frontier Housing is excited about participating in the program, and intends to build all new homes to be ENERGY STAR qualified. The organization currently has two ENERGY STAR labeled homes under construction, and anticipates building 36 more in the coming year. “Frontier Housing has always taken seriously our pledge to provide quality, affordable homes to our customers. By becoming an ENERGY STAR partner we are giving our customers homes that are more comfortable, easier to live-in, and more affordable. In addition, constructing highly energy-efficient houses benefits the environment by reducing air pollution, making the communities in which we build better places to live and work. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to our customers, the environment, and our communities through this partnership.”

Frontier Housing's homes offer an assortment of energy-efficient features including increased levels of insulation, efficient windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, and tightly sealed air ducts. Such features can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent, according to Sam Rashkin, Director of ENERGY STAR for New Homes. This translates into substantial utility bill savings every month. Additional benefits to homebuyers are the innovations that lead to a more energy-efficient, quieter, healthier and comfortable home. Improved indoor air quality, sound-proofing, and the lack of drafts and uneven temperatures across rooms are among the advantageous results of energy-efficient construction

According to EPA estimates, 20 percent of all air pollution results from home energy usage. Introduced in 1995, ENERGY STAR for homes currently has more than 2,400 partners nationwide. For more information about ENERGY STAR labeled homes and other ENERGY STAR labeled products, please call 1-888-STAR-YES, or visit the Web site at .
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