The Callahans

The Callahans (Photo by Ann Olson)

Kyle Callahan and his wife, Amanda, both grew up in Morehead, Kentucky. When they left the area so Kyle could take a position as a police officer at the Cincinnati airport, they expected to one day return to their hometown. What they didn’t expect was to be living in the same neighborhood where Kyle had grown up, around the block from his parents.

“We just didn’t settle well in the big city,” says Amanda. “It didn’t feel like home. We were homesick, and Kyle was working so much after what happened on September 11th that he didn’t even have time to visit our families.” After some careful consideration, and nearly two years of trying to stick it out, the couple decided it was time to move back home.

Kyle called City Hall in Morehead to find out if there were any job openings for police officers. Not only did he get a lead on a job, he also got help with housing. He was reminded that Phase III of the City’s revitalization project was underway, with new, affordable homes being built by Frontier Housing in his old neighborhood. Kyle had been offered the chance to purchase a home in an earlier phase of development, and had really regretted passing up the opportunity. He didn’t want to make the same mistake twice, so he put in a call to Frontier to get the process started.

Since they were married, Kyle and Amanda had always wanted to become homeowners. “We really didn’t like paying rent to someone else,” says Amanda. “It seemed like a waste of money, with nothing to show for it.” They had applied for a mortgage through a bank, but were denied because they did not have enough cash for a down payment. “We tried saving money,” says Kyle, “but we’d go back to the bank, and they’d say ‘No, you have to have more than
that.’ Frontier was a big help with this, because we didn’t have to have so much money up front.”

Less than a year after they applied with Frontier, the Callahans are comfortably settled in their new house. Kyle is the D.A.R.E. officer with the City of Morehead, where he goes into area schools to educate kids about the dangers of drug use. Amanda is currently looking for a job, but as the newly decorated nursery attests, both she and Kyle will soon be doing their most important work at home. The Callahans are expecting their first baby around the
beginning of 2004. They are happy to be starting their family where they grew up, and love the quality of life in their small town. Who says you can’t go home again?