Frontier helps organize local "Don’t Borrow Trouble" Campaign

Cody Prater, Frontier’s Director of Sales, will serve as local leader for the campaign to eradicate predatory lending in Kentucky. Predatory lending is the practice of unscrupulous tactics such as too-good-to-be-true home loans, to seemingly friendly payday lending and intrusive door to door contractors. The program goals are to educate borrowers about the dangers of predatory lending and to provide them with helpful resources such as coordinating access to home buyer assistance programs, promoting the importance of good financial management and knowing how to avoid credit and debt problems.

Visit the Don’t Borrow Trouble Website at

Frontier will aid in this campaign by providing expertise in counseling and leadership. The 1st meeting of the local group was held on September 18th at Morehead City Hall and consisted of various professionals including Mayor Brad Collins. Among other members of the group is Frontier Home Loan Specialist Kelly Fleck. Mrs. Fleck stated that “Homeownership is the dream of every Kentuckian, predatory lending can set the stage for a family to unwittingly lose their home, equity and security, predatory lending destroys that dream”.

This program, which is made possible by Freddie Mac, is a coalition of over 20 organizations working together for this cause. “Together we can wipe out the practices of that threaten to undermine our communities and the homes of the families in our communities,” says Anthony Wright of the Kentucky League of Cities.

For more information about the "Don’t Borrow Trouble" Campaign or to become an active part of this Group, Please click here, or contact Cody Prater (606) 784-2131 ext.231 or Or Anthony Wright at (859) 977-3781.