Boodry Place…
A Multigenerational Community
"Opening Summer 2008"

Boodry Place is a residential rental community to be developed in downtown Morehead at the intersection of US 60 and Kentucky 32. This multi-generational community targets senior citizens (ages 55 and older) and persons with physical disabilities including children. The community consists of 32 apartments with apartments reserved for persons with disabilities. This reservation includes first priorities for elderly with disabilities and families with a child with physical disabilities. The community will target households below 50% of median income, or approximately 18,000. The rent is $300-360.

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Brenda at Extension 14 email
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The community is being co-developed with Community Housing Partners Corporation. The project design includes universal design of all apartments and the incorporation of “green” design thus utilizing energy and water conservation measures; selection of sustainable materials for durability and life cycle cost efficiency. The design is by Colin M. Arnold, Architect and certified LEED 2.0 Accredited Professional. The design incorporates community space which is conducive for health services, screenings and nutritional classes and therapeutic services for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The green space will include a small playground for children of all abilities. The design will promote intergenerational contact and support while focusing on the needs of the elderly and disabled in an intergenerational context. The architectural design will include space to provide opportunities for intergenerational contact.

The comprehensive community-based approach to enable the elderly to age in place focuses on assistance at both the community and individual level. The elderly service plan includes a revised Morehead Area Transit pattern to link elderly to the Gateway Area Aging programs located at the Senior Citizens Center, including a nutritious noonday meal, transportation to the doctor/drug store and other elderly wrap-around services. Boodry Place is located in close proximity (within walking distance) to the grocery, post office, bank, hospital, doctor’s offices, dialysis center and pharmacy. The University of Kentucky, Center for Rural Health Care’s HomePlace Program will provide lay healthcare workers to visit people at home to assess health needs and then serve as advocates for their clients by providing information about available care, helping to fill out paperwork or obtain medications, or even arranging transportation to medical appointments.

Services for persons with disabilities are tailored by age. For children from 0-3, First Steps is the service coordinator for the family. Services include evaluation and assessment; service planning and coordination; health services, including nursing and nutrition; assistive technology; therapeutic services, including physical, occupational; and speech therapy; development intervention; vision and hearing intervention.

Service Partners

  • Gateway Area Development District, Aging Program
  • Rowan County Senior Citizen Center
  • First Steps
  • Rowan County School System-Special Education Program
  • Morehead State University—First Steps Program Consultancy

Project Sponsors

  • Governor’s Office for Local Development (GOLD) (link)
  • City of Morehead (link)
  • Nickelodeon (link)
  • Housing Assistance Council (link)
  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund (link)
  • Kentucky Bank (link)
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati (link)
  • Kentucky Housing Corporation (link)
  • FAHE (link)
  • Housing Equity Fund of Kentucky, I LLC
  • Fannie Mae (link)

Development Team

  • Frontier Housing, Inc.
  • Community Housing Partners Corporation, click here
  • Community Design Studio, LLC
  • Community Housing, Inc.
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas
  • Will Linder and Associates

Project Status

Feb 2008: To sign up to live in Boodry Place, contact:
Community Housing, Inc.
Brenda at Extension 14
Phyllis at Extension 11

Dec 2007: Painting, appliances, and cabinets are coming together at Boodry Place. What a difference!

Aug 2007: Construction is progressing well at Boodry Place. While the outside of the structure has not changed much over the past month plumbing, electric, HVAC, and insulation are being completed in the interior. Our Contractor, Community Housing Partners tells us we are ahead of schedule.

July 2006: The City of Morehead has obtained and spent a CDBG grant to acquire the property, demolish structures and relocate residents and businesses. The property has been deeded to Frontier. Kentucky Housing awarded housing credits and AHTF in June 2006. The construction should begin by late fall 2006. The construction timeline is 18 months and occupancy is anticipated Fall 2008. Frontier is making a $4 million investment in downtown Morehead.

For more information, please contact To place you name on the waiting list, please click here or call 606-784-2131.