The Tackett Family

The Tacketts (Photo by Ann Olson)

Before Jason and Rosemary Tackett moved into their new home, they lived in a series of trailers in Morehead. Although Jason occasionally had a few doubts about the process, Rosemary was sure that they would get their home and never doubted for a moment that things would work out for them. Nearly one year ago the Tackett’s moved out of their trailer and into a brand new home built for them by Frontier Housing.

Jason, Rosemary, and their two small sons (Andrew and Philip) live on a quiet street with several other Frontier Housing homes. Their large back porch looks out into a nice flat yard, Rosemary’s favorite thing about their home. Their home is tucked out of the way just far enough so that it has the quiet feel of being close to nature with all the benefits of living close to town.

Jason and Rosemary married in Texas and moved to Morehead four years ago so Jason, now the assistant pastor at Bible Baptist Church, could help his father (pastor for Bible Baptist Church). It is their first home together – before moving into this home they had always rented. Rosemary says that her favorite thing about being a homeowner is just that – owning her own home! Before, they had always rented and as she’s very thankful now that when the family pays bills every month, they are putting away for the future of their family. The Tackett’s plan to home-school Andrew (age three) and Philip (five months) and their home will be a perfect place to do so. With a large porch and backyard and a spacious living area, their children will grow up in a home and a living classroom.

In the trailer where they lived previously, Jason and Rosemary weren’t permitted to mow their own grass. Now, however, they have all the power and control that go along with owning your own home. They can not only cut the grass when they choose, but they can paint the bedrooms different colors and hang anything from the walls that they like.

This quiet little home in northern Rowan County looks ordinary from the outside. With the minivan in the driveway and a clean and well-tended lawn it could be anybody’s home, but to its owners it’s a very special place. It’s a first home, a home for their family, a last home, and most importantly, a home of their own.