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Alice's New Home

Alice Penix

A Fresh Start at Edgewood

When mother of three, Alice Penix, and her husband separated after 33 years of marriage, she knew it was time for a fresh start. Alice knew she didn’t want to stay in her old house and she was certain she didn’t want to rent. A family friend pointed her in the direction of Frontier Housing.

Once she was prequalified for a home, Chris Robbins took her for a tour of The Community at Edgewood. Alice points to the front door of her home on Cotter Lane, “This was the first house I looked at. I walked in, and I knew right away that it was my house.”
Alice has been a resident of The Community at Edgewood for a little over a year and a half.

Her impeccably decorated house sits tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac beside a wall of trees. “The back deck gets the morning sun;” she beams, “That’s where I sit with my coffee.”
Because Edgewood was designed to create a “small-town” feel—as though each cul-de-sac within the development is a community all its own, Alice feels comfortable and familiar with many of her fellow residents. “Everybody waves at each other,” she notes. “And the lady next door, she keeps an eye out for me, you know, when I’m out mowing the grass or up on a ladder. She’s a wonderful neighbor.”

Alice feels safe and secure in her neighborhood. The quiet, family atmosphere is her favorite thing about living at Edgewood. “It’s so peaceful.” And, with a twinkle in her eye, she adds, “You don’t see a bunch of hoodlums running around or have a lot of traffic up and down your road.”

Immediately, guests feel at home in Alice’s house. “The house is well-made, it’s warm and cozy.” In her cozy cottage, she has developed quite a knack for interior decorating. Adorned with warm colors and beautiful accents, the space is all her own—a place for her to express her creativity and entertain her children, grandchildren and visitors. When asked how her home at Edgewood is different from places she’s lived in the past she says, “Here, everything was my call. It was my choice. This house gave me a new start.”

Alice continually recommends The Community at Edgewood to others seeking homeownership. “I’ve told a whole bunch of people about Frontier Housing.”.