National NeighborWorks® Week 2007

What is National NeighborWorks® Week?
National NeighborWorks® Week is a celebration of the accomplishments of the NeighborWorks® network working in more than 4,414 urban, suburban and rural communities across the nation. It offers a chance for all of us to contribute to the remarkable transformation of distressed neighborhoods in our communities.

During National NeighborWorks® Week, Frontier Housing and other NeighborWorks® organizations across the country mobilize tens of thousands of business people, residents and government officials in a week of neighborhood change and awareness. They rehab and repair homes, paint and landscape properties, conduct neighborhood tours, recognize successful partnerships and host a number of events that educate, train and inform. Thousands of families benefited from the week’s activities nationwide.

What is the NeighborWorks® Network?
The national NeighborWorks® network is an affiliation of more than 240 nonprofit organizations increasing homeownership, preserving affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in more than 4,414 communities across the nation. In 2007, the NeighborWorks® network is projected to generate more than $2.4 billion in total direct investment and help more than 190,000 low- to moderate-income families purchase, improve and maintain their homes. The NeighborWorks® network was founded and is supported by Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, now dba NeighborWorks® America, chartered by Congress in 1978. NeighborWorks® America strengthens the network through training, technical assistance and funding.

When is National NeighborWorks® Week?
June 2–9, 2007. National NeighborWorks® Week is celebrated annually the first through the second Saturday in June. This year marks the 24th celebration.

Why Should You Celebrate National NeighborWorks® Week?
National NeighborWorks® Week gives you a chance to be part of a positive force in your community. It links you to a NeighborWorks® organization firmly established in the community and enables you to cultivate new relationships with other participating partners and volunteers.

Your efforts during National NeighborWorks® Week could help spruce up a block, showcase new homes provided for first-time buyers or generate support for a crime prevention program. You’ll see what a difference community involvement can make in your neighborhood, town, city or county.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact your local NeighborWorks® organization and visit our Web site at