The Litteral Family

The Litteral Family and
Stephanie Cooley of Frontier Housing

Kentucky Bank Employees are life-long friends to Frontier Housing. Billy Hough, Trish Porter, Gabe Brown and Sherry Mathis exemplified what that friendship means as they rolled up their sleeves out on Jones Ridge to get work done on our Federal Home Loan Bank sponsored home. Molly and BJ Litteral received the keys to their new home on March 29, 2007.

The Litteral family first approached us about a home on July 25, 2006, after having lost their home to a fire on October 5, 2005. Since the fire, the family of six had been living in a single-wide, 2 bedroom mobile home on the property. The cramped living quarters forced the family to look for another housing solution. Thus began the journey to becoming a homeowner through Frontier. As a part of the process, the Litterals attended a “Yes You Can!” Homebuyer Education class. Molly feels the class is very helpful, especially for first-time buyers. Even though they had a previous mortgage, she felt they learned from the class as well.

Construction began on December 20, 2006. The Litteral kids, Jonathan, Julie, Jamison, and Jayden have been looking forward to their new home for many months. And now that dream has become a reality. They are ecstatic! Molly felt Frontier did a wonderful job and that the sub-contractor, Bottom and May of Mt. Sterling, were great.

The bank employees played a large part in helping get the home ready to present to the Litterals. On Tuesday, March 27th, they met at the new house for a work day to fulfill FHLB requirements.

“I was very impressed with the home, both inside and outside. There was even a back deck and storage building. The yard was in need of a few finishing touches before the owners moved in and we came prepared for the job.”

When they arrived at the site, a dozer was busy smoothing the yard. They looked at each other and grabbed the metal rakes. It was a hard, back breaking job, but the yard looked good after the spreading of the lime, fertilize and grass seed. Billy Hough thought he was the expert in this area and was reluctant to let go of the spreader, but Trish finally managed to pry it away from him.

The trees and shrubs finally arrived and Trish and Sherry supervised their placement while Gabe and Billy did the manual labor. The trees had to be moved several times before they were satisfied, but they finally found a permanent home. Next came the fun part of spreading the straw. By the time they were finished, they had as much straw on them as in the yard.

“At the end of the day we were sunburned, had blisters on our hands, and we were tired, dirty and itchy. But as we stood back and surveyed our work all of that fell away and we were filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. We were honored to have contributed this small part to make a family’s dreams come true and to be partnered with such a great organization as Frontier Housing.” .