Local Families to Help Build Their Own Homes
Frontier Housing Receives Loan to Aid Sweat – Equity Construction

June 6, 2021 – Ten families of Bath, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Morgan, Menifee, Magoffin, Rowan, and Wolfe Counties will help construct their own homes in the coming months thanks to a $151,500 seed – money loan to Frontier Housing, Inc., which was announced recently by the Housing Assistance Council (HAC).

Frontier Housing was one of the forty organizations across the country selected by the HAC (www.ruralhome.org) to receive a portion of nearly $9 million, for the building of new homes under the Self – Help Homeownership Opportunity Program, which is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The families selected by Frontier Housing will contribute their own “sweat equity” in order to reduce the construction expenses.

“Family members will be hanging drywall, roofing, painting, and completing other tasks using their own sweat as “equity” under the supervision of a construction expert,” said HAC Executive Director, Moises Loza. “This is the most exciting way I know of helping low – income families not only help themselves, but other families capture a piece of the American dream, not just this year, but for years to come.”

Frontier Housing will also employ a “mutual self – help” method, in which each family will help other families build their homes.

“Families gain so much from working on their homes, not only in new skills, but the added benefit of being vesting in the process of owning their own home. I am honored to continue this valuable program,” said Executive Director of Frontier Housing, Stacey Epperson.

Frontier's mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to build better communities. Frontier is an advocate for affordable housing policy to protect the interests of low-income families. In order to excel and to remain on the frontier of affordable housing, continuous community and stakeholder involvement is crucial in the development of its policies, programs, and projects. For more information, contact Diana Conger at 606-784-2131, extension 224 or email at Diana@frontierhousing.org. Also, visit our webpage at www.frontierhousing.org to receive information on all our programs and homes.

Founded in 1971, the HAC is a national non – profit corporation headquartered in Washington D.C. It helps local organizations build affordable homes in rural America by providing below – market financing, technical assistance, research, training, and information services. HAC’s programs focus on local solutions, reduced dependency, and self – help strategies. HAC is an equal opportunity lender.