Housing Assistance Council and Ford Foundation Visit Frontier May 24th & 25th, 2007

The Housing Assistance Council has been helping local groups, like Frontier Housing, build affordable homes in rural America since 1971. HAC emphasizes local solutions, empowerment of the poor, reduced dependence and self-help strategies. HAC also maintains a special focus on high-need groups and regions: Indian country, the Mississippi Delta, farmworkers, the Southwest border colonias, and Appalachia.

So when George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation wanted to see a local rural group in action, utilizing the support of HAC, Frontier was his first choice.

Frontier staff, Stacey Epperson and Tom Carew organized a rural tour visiting Bryan and Twyla Peyton and John and Jennifer Rowe, new homeowners of manufactured housing and families committed to sweat equity. Tour participants to Morgan and Wolfe Counties included Joe Belden of HAC and George McCarthy and Kristy Looney of the Ford Foundation, Stacey Epperson and Tom Carew, Frontier Housing.

For more information on HAC, click on www.ruralhome.org
For more information on the Ford Foundation, click on www.fordfound.org