Rob Sammons Finds Help at Frontier

Rob Sammons grew up in Inez but he moved to Morehead for college, and although he’s moved around throughout the years, he always kept coming back to Morehead. For seven and a half years now he’s been back at Morehead working for Community Alternatives and he says he loves the area for its natural beauty and for the fact that it’s not too big, not too small, and there’s always something to do.

Rob had always rented and although he says that he “viewed it as throwing away money,” he wasn’t eligible for a traditional bank loan. Thankfully, US Bank referred him to Frontier Housing, and to Rob’s surprise he was eligible for a loan through Frontier.

It’s been almost a year since Rob moved into his new home, and he’s much happier here than he was in the trailer he was renting before his move. He describes the trailer as “substandard.” There was a large hole left in the floor from a water heater that burst several years before, the windows had cracks and didn’t seal, and in the winter he had to wear double layers of clothing and blankets just to stay warm.

In the beginning of the process, Rob was hesitant to believe that things would work out for him. He says, “I’d had my hopes dashed and I didn’t think it was possible, but Ronnica and Kelly (housing specialists at Frontier) were great!”

Rob now lives in a beautiful, secluded spot down Cranston Road of Rowan County. He’s been living there for a year, but his house looks brand new. He added to the original design by purchasing three extra windows and they make all the difference. Light floods into his home and everything is bright and airy. He has house plants covering his spacious back porch and the entire home is elegantly decorated. As Rob says, “the house is wonderful” and his favorite thing about it is the light provided by the extra windows.

His new home is dramatically different from the old trailer he was renting before – his utilities are much cheaper, and he says, “In the winter I don’t freeze, and in the summer I don’t sweat a drop.” Another great thing about his new home is that he is no longer throwing away his money; Rob says, “The money I’m spending to live here is going to something I’ll own.”

Rob takes wonderful care of his home and it will certainly continue to look new for many years to come. He says, “I love the house and I love what it looks like here.” He now has all the space he needs for his house plants, his pets, and the beehives he now has in his backyard. When asked about his experience with Frontier Housing, Rob says about the housing specialists who helped him, “All in all I’m very pleased. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

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