Lee and Lucille Allen

Lee Allen (Photo by Tim Webb)

Lee and Lucille Allen grew up in Breathitt County, but they had always loved Wolfe County…as Lee says, “There ain’t no place like Wolfe County” and so when he found work there as a policeman, they moved and raised their five children in Campton. Lee performed on the side as a bluegrass musician and has played and recorded with Ralph Stanley and other famous bluegrass artists. But even with the success of their careers and family, the Allen’s were in their sixties by the time they finally purchased their own home.

When they first moved to Wolfe County, they lived in the Campton Housing Project, and over the years they rented various other homes in the area. The Allen’s had been living in a rental home that was in very poor condition for eight years before they heard of Frontier Housing. There were cracks in the ceiling that opened their home up to the rain, forcing them to use pots and pans to collect the water. Unfortunately, those pots and pans couldn’t stop the water that flowed from their backyard into their home when it rained.

Lee says that when there was a strong wind, he could watch the linoleum on the kitchen floor move and he could hear the windows rattle. Finally the Allen’s couldn’t take it anymore – they began looking into their choices for a new home and they found out about Frontier Housing. They got in touch with Cody Prater who worked as a Housing Specialist and thanks to Frontier’s new program with Clayton Homes they had a new home in just several months.

The Allen’s chose to go with a manufactured home for several reasons, one of which is the fact that they were able to choose a wide variety of extra features at an affordable price. They chose the Clayton manufactured “Brookdale” floor plan and their home is spacious with a large kitchen, two bathrooms (one of which has a huge tub and separate shower!) three bedrooms, and Energy-Star rated appliances and insulation in order to cut their heating and cooling costs. Check out the “Brookdale” and click here*.

The Allens (Photo by Ann W. Olson)

While the Allen’s were renting they paid at least $120 per month for gas and $60-$80 for electricity during the winter; in contrast, this winter they paid nearly half of what they were paying before in their highest bill. Lee Allen is so happy with the heating and cooling in his house that he says it’s his favorite thing about their new home. “I believe to my soul that this is the tightest, most insulated place in the world” Lucille says that she’s happy she can walk barefoot in the middle of the summer and in the middle of the winter. “I never even heard a window rattle,” she says.

When asked if they are happy with their new home, the Allen’s respond that they are. Lee says, “Well I’m as happy as a possum up a persimmon tree! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and I’m not plannin’ on movin’. There’ll be a gun battle first!” and Lucille says, “I’d advise about anybody to go our route.” The Allen’s are proud of their home – after all, it’s their first real home together. After many years of marriage, five children, careers and retirement, they are finally settled into the home of their dreams and it’s everything they ever wished for.

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