Boodry Place
We are changing the sky line downtown.

The third floor framing is complete and roof trusses are going up. Rough-in plumbing is now complete on the first floor. According to the construction supervisor, we are ahead of schedule. Our partners, Community Housing Partners Corporation keep us moving ahead. Also, our next door neighbors, Kentucky Bank, have started construction of their new location. For more information on Boodry Place, click here.

Boodry Place is rolling! Walls are going up! The crane is on site! The first floor is framed, and yesterday late, the crews were starting the second floor. It is an exciting time to see the hustle of the Community Housing Partners Corporation Construction Division.

To learn more about our Boodry Place Partner, click here .

For more information on Boody Place, click here.

We have started a waiting list, so please call 784-2131 to have your name on this list.

Check back monthly to track the construction progress and other project highlights.