Groundbreaking at Boodry Place on April 20th at 2:00, Downtown Morehead (US 60 and 32)

Please join Frontier and Community Housing Partners to break ground on Boodry Place, a multigenerational center for elderly and children with disabilities. The $4 million investment into downtown Morehead is sponsored by the Housing Equity Fund of Kentucky link, Kentucky Housing Corporation link, GOLD link, City of Morehead link and others. For more information on additional sponsors and projection information, click here.

Boodry Place is a result of the Berea Performance Compact, a FAHE-member group led initiative to change how we do business by collaborating our resources and expertise to work among 45 nonprofits in 4 Central Appalachian States. Community Housing Partners brought their multi-family development, architectural, and construction expertise to Frontier, while Frontier worked with state and local officials to access funding. Community Housing of Winchester brings the local rental and asset management expertise to the Kentucky partnership. The Kentucky Equity Fund is managed by FAHE Capital. At FAHE, we have strength in numbers and our commitment to one another runs as deep as the valleys in which we live.


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